About Keena

An innovative beauty industry professional. Born and raised in Newark NJ, Keena360 brings the “Brick City” vibe to to her new home Atlanta Ga. Blazing the trails as a licensed Master Stylist, she continues to thrive in the industry as a salon owner, motivator, educator, and the CEO of her very own fashionable and functional brand MASTERS clothing line. People often ask what does Keena 360 stand for? The name was given to her back in her hometown by her previous assistant Asia. Asia would always say, “Keena has the ability to do someone’s hair and turn them into a different person. A complete 360.” After moving to Atlanta Ga she realized that the Beauty Industry needed to see more of who she really was. A stylist who not only likes to work hard but loves to look good while doing it. For over 17 years she has provided her clients with excellent salon service and various techniques like precision cuts, trendy styles, custom wig making, and more. But something was still missing. She used her passion and entrepreneur mentality to bridge the gap between her love for beauty and fashion. Her goals are to continue her journey of building an empire and taking her place as a true master stylist.